Inquisitive Christianity exists as a useful resource for inquisitive Christians seeking the truth about God’s Word and its application. Although it may not be popular to admit it, Christianity is brimming with questions and issues that are often ignored or handled superficially by churches. Many times these are the very questions that both Christians and our culture are asking. Despite the fact that our culture is obsessed with all things paranormal—whether aliens, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, or a host of additional topics—our churches rarely, if ever, speak into these matters. Similarly, transhumanism has begun to dominate the fields of science, philosophy, and entertainment, and it is now encroaching upon politics and law enforcement, but the American church remains mute and often oblivious to the subject. Other topics are addressed in the church, but in a far too general and oversimplified manner to be truly meaningful and useful for Christians who, in their ordinary lives, operate beyond the protective bubble of the church. Issues such as homosexuality or Creationism vs. Evolution have become nearly impossible to avoid in our culture, yet the average Christian has not been adequately equipped to grapple with such topics. This is why Inquisitive Christianity exists. We hope to come alongside Christians and churches who wish to equip themselves with answers to these and other questions.

Despite our harsh comments, we at Inquisitive Christianity strongly support the work of local churches. By no means do we wish to undermine or supplant the efforts of local churches. Instead, we desire to partner with churches, serving as a Christian resource center. We hope to equip pastors and Bible teachers with teaching materials, tools, and research links designed to reduce the amount of time that they must invest into preparing to teach on these topics. We understand how intimidating it can be to tackle such massive and controversial subjects as homosexuality, or Calvinism vs. Arminianism. We also understand that time is a precious commodity for pastors. For these reasons, we have invested hundreds—even thousands—of hours investigating some of these subjects in an effort to provide Christian teachers with focused teaching materials and some of the best resources available. Moreover, we hope that this ministry will prove to be a valuable follow-up resource to which pastors can direct their congregations for further information after addressing these topics.

Although we do not favor post-modern philosophy, we recognize that our society is becoming increasingly post-modern. Furthermore, the advent of such resources as the Internet and Amazon.com has made the world’s knowledge readily available to all. As such, many Christians are now both able and willing to pursue answers to their questions apart from the protection and guidance of their local church. Whereas we do not encourage this approach, we also acknowledge the reality that many Christians are privately exposing themselves to spiritually dangerous information that intertwines true and false doctrines. In part, this ministry also exists to provide these Christians with a non-denominational means of independently pursuing answers to some of Christianity’s most challenging questions while remaining within the protective framework of orthodox and fundamental doctrine.

Non-denominational, yet orthodox and fundamental in our beliefs, we refuse to depend upon denominational systems of theology and tradition as a replacement for true Bible study. As such, we strive to remain open-minded while remaining thoroughly fundamental in our doctrine. Ultimately, Inquisitive Christianity is more interested in facilitating truth than in fitting every answer into a neatly packaged system of theology. We recognize the place and value of such theological systems, but we also believe that these systems should be derived from the truth of Scripture, not the determining factor in what that truth can and cannot be.

We have adopted a somewhat unique approach to relaying information. Rather than expose people to only the teachings with which we agree, we have included some of our opponent’s strongest arguments. Links to contrary websites, articles, and media content can readily be found for each of the topics included on this website. This is because we value and believe in truth. It is our conviction that truth need never fear being challenged. Moreover, we understand that a person’s beliefs are only as strong as the degree to which they have been challenged. Additionally, our arguments are only effective if they are relevant to the concerns and arguments of our opponents, but these cannot be known if we insulate ourselves from their teachings and experiences.

By making our opponent’s content readily available, we are providing the serious truth-seeker with the ability to determine whether we are fairly representing the other side. Moreover, we are providing individuals with the opportunity to directly compare opposing arguments. We do not fear this because we trust that truth, when clearly presented, will always win in the mind of an honest truth-seeker. Having said this, we also realize that not everyone attempts to be objective when pursuing answers. This site is intended for those who are committed to the pursuit of truth. It is our prayer that users who use this site to expose themselves to contrary teachings will counterbalance this by also considering the arguments posted on this site which we believe to be the truth.

We hope Inquisitive Christianity proves to be a useful resource for every visitor. This site will be continually expanding both the scope of topics addressed as well as the content included in these of these categories. Please share this site with others, and may God grant you wisdom in your pursuit of the truth!