Laid Bare: Uncovering the Relationship Between  Homosexuality & the Gospel
by Timothy Zebell  

Most Americans are directly affected by the issue of homosexuality. It has become nearly impossible to avoid. Despite this reality, precious few Christian resources exist to educate Christians in how to evaluate the pro-homosexual arguments with which they are bombarded. This book is intended to provide Christians with sound scientific, Biblical, and rational arguments meant to strengthen the Christian’s conviction that the practice of homosexuality is sinful and to provide them with the necessary information for them to serve as a relevant voice capable of speaking into the issue within society. Christians are not hateful and homophobic merely because they disagree with the lifestyle choices of others. To demonstrate this, specific challenges presented by homosexual advocates are evaluated in light of the Bible and available social and scientific data. Most importantly, every chapter emphasizes the transformative power of the gospel and identifies how even Christians struggle with the same principles undergirding the issue of homosexuality. Christians are encouraged to first examine their own lives and then to transition these popular challenges into a conversation about the gospel.


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