Tracing the Spirit of Antichrist Through Current Issues
by Timothy Zebell



Scripture provides the Christian with 76 characteristics which constitute the spirit of Antichrist, and 5 litmus tests designed to identify this spirit. Furthermore, the spirit of antichrist has plagued the Christian church since its inception. Despite these truths, the spirit of antichrist remains unidentified and ignored by the vast majority of Christians. This book is intended to expose the Christian to the reality of this adversary, to definitively identify the spirit of antichrist, and to recognize its influence in several of the most influential spheres of society.

In an effort to understand the spirit of antichrist, the reader is lead through a brief but detailed topical study which includes numerous Scripture verses, exposure to the nature of spiritual warfare, and even some demonology. Distinction is made between the individual known as Antichrist, and the spirit of antichrist, yet the reader will learn how the two are inherently connected. Once the reader is capable of defining and identifying the spirit of antichrist, he begins a process of tracing this spirit through the current issues of "Christian" mysticism, the paranormal, evolution, transhumanism, dark technologies, and homosexuality.


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Appendices for the Book:


Appendix A.1 - The Antichrist

Appendix A.2 - Spiritual Ranks of Authority

Appendix B.1 - Montanism

Appendix B.2 - Christian Leaders Who Embrace, Emulate, and/or Promote

Contemplative Mystics

- Source Website

Appendix B.3 - Contemplative Books

- Source Website

Appendix B.4 - Organizations Helping to Bring Contemplative Spirituality

Into the Church

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Appendix B.5 - Christian Colleges & Seminaries that Promote Contemplative Spirituality

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Appendix B.6 - Is Contemplative Spirituality Essentially Witchcraft?

Appendix B.7 - History of the Charismatic Movement

Appendix B.8 - Chart: History of the Charismatic Movement

Appendix C.1 - Harry Potter

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Appendix C.2 - Twilight

Appendix C.3 - Paranormal Gateways to Vampirism, Wicca, & the Occult

Appendix C.4 - Witchcraft in the Church

Appendix C.5 - Cryptoids Around the World

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Appendix C.6 - The Similarities Between Alien Abduction Accounts and

Ritual Abuse Survivor Accounts

Appendix C.7 - Is There More Behind These Stories Than a Wild Imagination?

Appendix C.8 - Good Questions to Apply to Paranormal Entertainment

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Appendix C.9 - Mormon Doctrine Exalts the Fall of Adam and Eve

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Appendix D.1 - Micro-organisms & the Quest to Create Life in the Laboratory

Appendix D.2 - What About the Missing Links?

Appendix E.1 - The Health Risks of Gay SexAppendix E.1 - The Health Risks of Gay Sex

Appendix E.2 - Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality

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