Tracing the Spirit of Antichrist Through Current Issues
by Timothy Zebell


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Appendices for the Book:


Appendix A.1 - The Antichrist

Appendix A.2 - Spiritual Ranks of Authority

Appendix B.1 - Montanism

Appendix B.2 - Christian Leaders Who Embrace, Emulate, and/or Promote
Contemplative Mystics

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Appendix B.3 - Contemplative Books

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Appendix B.4 - Organizations Helping to Bring Contemplative Spirituality
Into the Church

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Appendix B.5 - Christian Colleges & Seminaries that Promote Contemplative Spirituality

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Appendix B.6 - Is Contemplative Spirituality Essentially Witchcraft?

Appendix B.7 - History of the Charismatic Movement

Appendix B.8 - Chart: History of the Charismatic Movement

Appendix C.1 - Harry Potter

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Appendix C.2 - Twilight

Appendix C.3 - Paranormal Gateways to Vampirism, Wicca, & the Occult

Appendix C.4 - Witchcraft in the Church

Appendix C.5 - Cryptoids Around the World

Appendix C.6 - The Similarities Between Alien Abduction Accounts and
Ritual Abuse Survivor Accounts

Appendix C.7 - Is There More Behind These Stories Than a Wild Imagination?

Appendix C.8 - Good Questions to Apply to Paranormal Entertainment

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Appendix C.9 - Mormon Doctrine Exalts the Fall of Adam and Eve

Appendix D.1 - Micro-organisms & the Quest to Create Life in the Laboratory

Appendix D.2 - What About the Missing Links?

Appendix E.1 - The Health Risks of Gay SexAppendix E.1 - The Health Risks of Gay Sex

Appendix E.2 - Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality

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