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Does “Genetically Predisposed” Equal “Genetically Predetermined”?

The decidedly pro-gay American Psychiatric Association has said, “[T]o date there are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology for homosexuality.”1 Also, Dr. Neil Whitehead, after examining more than 10,000 scholarly papers and publications on the subject, concluded, “Geneticists, anthropologists, sociologists, endocrinologists, neuroanatomists, medical researchers into gender, and twin study researchers are in broad agreement about the role of genetics in homosexuality. Genes don’t make you do it. There is no genetic determinism, and genetic influence at most is minor.”2

Regarding the degree of influence that genetics may have compared to environmental factors, scientists vary in their assessments, crediting it for 10–60% of the equation.3 But this simply places homosexual orientation in the same category as many other orientations. Professor Warren Throckmorton explains:4

Putting the questionable figure in perspective lets [sic] look at other traits and the estimated percent of difference attributable to genetic factors according to existing research found on the American Psychological Association web site.

* Attitudes toward reading books – 55%
* Feelings about abortion on demand – 54%
* Feelings about roller coaster rides – 50%
* Attitudes towards the death penalty for murder – 50%
* Humility – 58%
* Likelihood to engage in casual sex – 49%
* Attitudes toward equality – 55%

Interestingly enough, every one of these things can be changed. A person can learn to enjoy reading books. A person can change his opinion regarding abortion. A person can become more or less humble over time. So why would we assume that homosexuality, which is no more genetically predetermined than these other things, cannot be changed? How is it that a person is born gay—end of story?


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Author: Timothy Zebell, 2015