Index of FAQ about Homosexuality

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Is Same-Sex Marriage the New Civil Rights Issue?


Same–sex marriage and inter-racial marriages cannot be equated. This is a clear case of comparing apples to oranges. Although homosexuals have been—and are being—mistreated and abused, their suffering cannot be compared to the history of enslavement, segregation, and abuse of other races. There are no gay–only drinking fountains, bathrooms, or seating. In many ways, the homosexual community has hijacked the black civil rights efforts, but behavior cannot be compared to skin color and ethnicity. Behavior can be voluntarily controlled and altered—even if it were true that some people are born gay—but a person has no ability to voluntarily control or alter his skin color and ethnicity. These are morally neutral characteristics; whereas, behavior is not morally neutral.

The only things which prevented inter–racial marriages was bigotry and bias. The nature and definition of marriage did not have to change in order to facilitate a heterosexual union between members of two races. However, homosexual marriages would require a fundamental change in the nature and definition of marriage as well as a whole series of other civil laws. Moreover, there is nothing irregular about the sexual union and reproductive nature of an inter–racial, heterosexual union. This is not true of homosexual unions. Similarly, there is nothing in Scripture which would preclude inter–racial marriages, but Scripture does reject the practice of homosexuality. By definition, Scripture does not allow for homosexual marriages.


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Author: Timothy Zebell, 2015