Hebrews 5:14 teaches that mature Christians should be capable of discerning between good and evil, between true doctrine and the
doctrine of devils.  The teachings included below are intended to provide the diligent truth-seeker with a thorough understanding of this topic.  We at Inquisitive Christianity do not endorse all of the content included in these teachings.  After all, it is a rare gift to discover a teaching with which one has no disagreement.  Nevertheless, we believe that these teachings offer valuable information for those who seek the truth and are spiritually mature enough to exercise discernment.


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Along Calvin's Road trilogy:

Is God the Author of Sin? (vol. 1); Did Christ Die for Everyone? (vol. 2); Does Man Have Freedom to Choose? (vol. 3)


*Must-See Videos*


Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism



Just what is “Calvinism?” Does this teaching make man a deterministic robot and God the author of sin? What about free will? If the church accepts Calvinism, won’t evangelism be stifled, perhaps even extinguished? How can we balance God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility? What are the differences between historic Calvinism and hyper-Calvinism? Why did men like Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, Whitefield, Edwards and a host of renowned Protestant evangelists deny the Arminian definition of free will and label it heresy? Why did the Roman Catholic Church condemn the Reformed teaching of predestination and election and embrace free will theology? And why do so many Protestants, perhaps unwittingly, agree with Rome on this issue? Amazing Grace – The History and Theology of Calvinism is a video documentary that strives to answers these and other related questions from a Calvinist perspective.

Part 1 - The History & Theology of Calvinism (1:07:52)

Part 2 - The History & Theology of Calvinism (2:20:04)

Part 3 - The History & Theology of Calvinism (50:07)



Mark Driscoll: Religion Saves



Mark Driscoll is the former pastor and founder of Mars Hill Church. In these videos, he tackles the issues of grace and of predestination. He answers such questions as, "Why does an all loving, all knowing, and all sovereign God will into creation people He foreknows will suffer eternal condemnation?" and, "Why does Romans 9:20 feel like a cop-out answer?"

Religion Saves - Predestination (1:12:57)

Predestination - Q&A (16:40)

Religion Saves - Grace (1:07:41)

Grace - Q&A (22:52)



Calvinism in a Nutshell


Dr. John MacArthur's is pastor of Grace Community Church, Founder of Grace To You, and President of The  Master’s College and The Master’s Seminary. This is an excerpt from a sermon titled Guaranteed to Glory in which he presents “The Golden Chain of Redemption” in Romans 8:28–30. This is an excellent overview of Calvinist doctrine.



The Story of Calvinism


The Christian doctrine of Election has caused more difficulties to believers than any other. It is indeed one of the most frequently misunderstood of all Biblical teachings. In this sermon, Phil Johnson provides an overview of Calvinism and its history which sets the doctrine of election in the context of the Biblical teaching with which it is most commonly associated. Phil Johnson argues that once correctly understood, Election actually demonstrates the Lord’s love for his people.



R.C. Sproul: Willing to Believe



Many believe that man is totally free to choose salvation. In Willing to Believe, Dr. R.C. Sproul shows that man’s will is not free but in bondage to sin. He says that man is doomed unless God has mercy and changes his heart. Dr. Sproul examines the issue of free will throughout history, looking at the views of Augustine, Pelagius, Luther, Calvin, Arminius, Edwards, Finney, and others, demonstrating that some assumptions regarding “free will” undermine the gospel and conceal God’s glory in salvation.

Part 1 - The Truth Shall Make You Free (28:29)

Part 2 - Free Will & Divine Sovereignty (28:30)

Part 3 - Are We Born Free? (28:43)

Part 4 - The Loss of Liberty (28:28)

Part 5 - Soveriegn Grace (28:29)

Part 6 - Is Grace Irresistible? (28:29)

Part 7 - A Divided Will (28:32)

Part 8 - Bondage of the Will (24:55)

Part 9 - Voluntary Slaves (28:38)

Part 10 - Is Grace Cooperative? (29:01)

Part 11 - Born to Sin? (28:42)

Part 12 - The Pelagian Captivity of the Church (28:30)





Les and Tanner, hosts of The Reformed Pubcast, speak with influential Calvinists about the five key doctrines of Calvinism known by the acronym T.U.L.I.P. Pastor and radio show host, Jeff Durbin speaks into the doctrine of Total Depravity. He explains the severity of man's situation before God, and man's desperate need for a change of nature. Author and Pastor Douglas Wilson speaks into the doctrine of Unconditional Election. He explains how God has chosen, in eternity past, a people for himself. Anonymous thologian TurretinFan speaks into the doctrine of Limited Atonement. He explores the power of the atonement for those for whom it was intended. Author and teacher R.C. Sproul Jr. speaks into the doctrine of Irresistible Grace. He explains how God effectually draws His people. Apologist and director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, Dr. James White speaks into the doctrine of Perseverance of the Saints. He explains the hope of the elect's eternal security.

Total Depravity with Jeff Durbin (50:23)

Unconditional Election with Douglas Wilson (40:28)

Limited Atonement with TurretinFan (42:56)

Irresistible Grace with R.C. Sproul Jr. (42:58)

Perseverance of the Saints with James White (55:48)



Difficult Questions About Calvinism


Mark Kielar is the founder of Cross TV. In these short videos, he addresses several difficult questions which naturally arise when considering the subject of Calvinism.

Does God Predestinate Men to Hell? (30:55)

If God has Predestinated Men Unto Salvation, Why Evangelize? (10:42)

How Do I Know If I'm One of God's Elect? (9:07)

Since God is Sovereign, Is He Responsible for Evil? (9:07)

What Prevents Men from Naturally Having this Vital Union with Christ? (10:59)

Does 2 Peter 3:9 Make God Out to Be Schizophrenic? (4:43)

What Is the Order of Events in a Person's Salvation? (7:46)

Part 1 - Does John 3:16 Refute Calvinism? (10:01)

Part 2 - Does John 3:16 Refute Calvinism? (8:40)

Part 3 - Does John 3:16 Refute Calvinism? (8:55)