- What Is Mysticism?

- What Is God’s Means of Communicating Essential Truth to Us Today?

- What Are the Key Characteristics of "Christian" Mysticism?

Is Our Society Becoming Mystical?

- Is the Church Becoming Mystical?


- What Makes Something Christian--Source or Intent?

How is the Charismatic Movement Influenced by “Christian” Mysticism?

- Does Charismatic Doctrine De-Emphasize Preaching & the Bible?

- Does Charismatic Doctrine Find Spiritual Insight Beyond Thought & Doctrine?

- Does Charismatic Doctrine Accept Extra-Biblical Experiences as Revelations from God?


Should Christians Separate from Anyone who Shows Any Affinity Toward “Christian” Mysticism?

- Should Christians Ignore the Role of the Holy Spirit?

What Is Monastic Mysticism?

- Are Protestant Churches Practicing Roman Catholic Monastic Mysticism?

- What are Some Synonyms for Monastic Mysticism?


Who Were the Desert Fathers?

- Did the Desert Fathers Utilize Faulty Methods for Communicating with God?

Who Is Thomas Keating?

- How Did Thomas Keating Influence the “Christian” Mysticism Movement?

- How Is Contemplative Prayer Connected with Eastern Mysticism?


- What Does Thomas Keating Mean when He Speaks about God?

Who Was Thomas Merton?

- How did Thomas Merton Influence the “Christian” Mysticism Movement?

- Was Thomas Merton a Heretic?

- Did Thomas Merton Reject the Doctrine of Original Sin?


Who Is Richard Foster?

- How Did Richard Foster Influence the “Christian” Mysticism Movement?

Are Richard Foster’s Spiritual Disciplines the Bible’s Disciplines?

- Who Was Henri Nouwen

How has Mysticism been Adopted Into the Church?


- What Is the History of “Christian” Mysticism?

Can “Christian” Mysticism Strengthen One’s Faith?

- Is “Christian” Mysticism Reckless?

- What Is Contemplative Prayer?

- What Is the Difference Between Contemplative Prayer & Meditation?


- What are Synonyms for Contemplative Prayer?

- Is Contemplative Meditation the Same as Biblical Meditation?

- Did Jesus Teach & Promote Contemplative Prayer?

- Does the Bible Teach Christians to Silence Their Minds when Praying?

- What Does the Bible Say about Contemplative Prayer?


- What Is a Body Prayer?

What Is a Prayer Labyrinth?

- What Does the Bible Say about Prayer Labyrinths?

- Does Contemplative Prayer Discourage Thinking & Discernment?

What are Breath Prayers?


- What Does the Bible Say about Breath Prayers?

- Do Breath Prayers Discourage Thinking & Discernment?

- What Is Yoga?

- Is Yoga Inherently Spiritual?

What Is Lectio Divina?


- Does Lectio Divina Discourage Thinking & Discernment?

- What Is the Difference Between Lectio Divina and Litergy of Lectio Divina?

Does God Want His People to Stop Thinking?

- Is Mysticism Reliable?

- How Does God Speak to His People Today?


What Is the Jesus Prayer?

- What Does the Bible Say about the Jesus Prayer?

- Does the Jesus Prayer Discourage Thinking & Discernment?

Should Christians Separate Themselves from “Christian” Mystics?