Hebrews 5:14 teaches that mature Christians should be capable of discerning between good and evil, between true doctrine and the
doctrine of devils.  The teachings included below are intended to provide the diligent truth-seeker with a thorough understanding of this topic.  We at Inquisitive Christianity do not endorse all of the content included in these teachings.  After all, it is a rare gift to discover a teaching with which one has no disagreement.  Nevertheless, we believe that these teachings offer valuable information for those who seek the truth and are spiritually mature enough to exercise discernment.


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Spiritual Formation  /  Contemplative Prayer


John MacArthur: Spiritual Formation & Biblical Sanctification

In 1969, after graduating from Talbot Theological Seminary , Dr. MacArthur came to Grace Community Church. The emphasis of his pulpit ministry is the careful study and verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible, with special attention devoted to the historical and grammatical background behind each passage. Under Dr. MacArthur's leadership, Grace Community Church's two morning worship services fill the 3,500-seat auditorium to capacity. Several thousand members participate every week in dozens of fellowship groups and training programs—most led by lay leaders and each dedicated to equipping members for ministry on local, national, and international levels.

In 1985, Dr. John MacArthur became President of The Master's College (formerly Los Angeles Baptist College), an accredited, four-year liberal arts Christian college in Santa Clarita, California. In 1986, Dr. MacArthur founded The Master's Seminary , a graduate school dedicated to training men for full-time pastoral roles and missionary work.

Dr. John MacArthur is also President and Featured Teacher with Grace to You . Founded in 1969, Grace to You is the nonprofit organization responsible for developing, producing, and distributing John’s books, audio resources, and the “Grace to You” radio and television programs. “Grace to You” radio airs more than 1,000 times daily throughout the English-speaking world, reaching major population centers on every continent of the world. It also airs nearly 1,000 times daily in Spanish, reaching 23 countries from Europe to Latin America. “Grace to You” television airs weekly on DirecTV in the United States, and is available for free on the Internet worldwide. All of Dr. MacArthur's 3,000 sermons, spanning more than four decades of ministry, are available for free on the Grace to You website.

Since completing his first best-selling book The Gospel According to Jesus in 1988, Dr. MacArthur has written nearly 400 books and study guides , including Our Sufficiency in Christ , Strange Fire , Ashamed of the Gospel , The Murder of Jesus , A Tale of Two Sons , Twelve Ordinary Men , The Truth War , The Jesus You Can’t Ignore , Slave , One Perfect Life , and The MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series . Dr. MacArthur's titles have been translated into more than two dozen languages. The MacArthur Study Bible, the cornerstone resource of his ministry, is available in English (NKJ , NASB , NIV , and ESV ), Spanish , Russian , German , French , Portuguese , Italian , and Arabic , with a Chinese translation underway.

Dr. John MacArthur and his wife, Patricia, live in Southern California and have four married children: Matt, Marcy, Mark, and Melinda.


Retrieved / Written: 2015

Dr. John MacArthur's briefly addresses the error of spiritual formation.



Ray Yungen


Ray Yungen is author of the books A Time of Departing and For Many Shall Come In My NameHe travels throughout the country warning about how pagan Eastern mysticism is merging with Christian practice today.

Contemplative Prayer (1:05:36)

Mysticism in the Church (1:12:38)



Chris Lawson: Contemplative Spirituality Concerns



Chris Lawson, founder of Spiritual Research Network speaks into the issue of contemplative prayer. This video includes all four parts of this presentation. In part 1 (minute 00:01) he presents a Biblical warning and brief statement about various genres of mystical and occult-oriented Contemplative Spirituality, "centering-prayer," literature that are infiltrating churches and Christian communities. In part 2 (minute 09:35) he considers Biblical "separation" from false teachers and false teachings (Romans 16:17-19), as opposed to gleaning from "Christian mystics" and experiential practices that are virtually identical to the occult training of the Hindus. In part 3 (minute 30:33) he identifies Fr. Thomas Keating as the Modern Day Pioneer of the international Contemplative Outreach Ltd. "centering-prayer" movement. As such, Keating seeks to "integrate" Christian spirituality with the occult "Serpent Power" of Hinduism, otherwise known as Kundalini energy. According to Hindu and Buddhist occultists, "Kundalini-shakti" lies coiled at the base of the spine, awaiting arousal via centering prayer/occult meditation. In part 4 (minute 48:46) he shares how Contemplative Spirituality's dangerous Christian Mysticism/occult hybrid form of "Centering Prayer" is inextricably tied to Interfaith (Interreligious) Dialogue, Ecumenism, and the ever-increasing "Global Oneness" New Spirituality/New Gospel of the New Age movement.



Dr. Walter Martin: Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, & Contemplative / Centering Prayer

Dr. Walter Martin is a well acclaimed Christian apologist and author the book Kingdom of the CultsIn this message, Dr. Martin speaks about transcendental meditation, which is most commonly practiced among Evangelicals in the form of contemplative prayer. Dr. Martin applies Scripture to this common practice and identifies the religious nature of this practice. He does not dismiss this practice out of hand. Instead, he notes that there are praiseworthy elements of transcendental meditation, but these are commonly known elements of popular psychology. Transcendental meditation has discovered nothing new; it only emphasizes these elements of popular psychology.



Bruce Baker: Spiritual Maturity



Bruce Baker is Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology at Grace School of Theology and is author of the book Spiritual Maturity. In this three-part presentation at the 2015 Chafer Theological Seminary Pastor's Conference, he addresses the subject of Biblical spiritual maturity. Bruce Baker speaks into the unbiblical practice of spiritual formation and defines truly spiritually mature Christian as one who through the power of the Holy Spirit 1) understands God's Word well enough and 2) has consistently put its truths into practice long enough that 3) he is capable of distinguishing good from evil in practical circumstances and 4) is competent in teaching others to do the same.

Part 1 - Ancient-Future Faith & the Spiritual Formation Movement (1:00:03)

Part 2 - The Problem of Sin & Its Cure (1:17:01)

Part 3 - Spiritual Maturity (1:09:26)



Mike Abendroth: Sola Scriptura & Mysticism



Pastor Mike Abendroth is the pastor of Bethlehem Bible Church. He teaches that when a person has a high view of Scripture, he will have a low view of mysticism. David says in Psalm 119 that the Scriptures are perfect. Why would God turn to outside sources to communicate truth instead of His Word if His Scriptures are so perfect? Likewise, why would Christians turn to outside sources for truth if the Scripture are so perfect?

Part 1 Sola Scriptura & Mysticism (49:24)

Part 2 Sola Scriptura & Mysticism (45:04)



Johanna Michaelsen: Contemplative Prayer


Johanna Michaelsen, is a noted author, lecturer and authority on the occult. As a former Occultist and author of the book The Beautiful Side of Evil, she speaks about the dangers of utilizing the methods and ways of the pagans in order to experience God. She encourages spiritual discernment and warns against relying upon personal experiences—regardless of how powerful, meaningful, or genuine they may be.



Mike Hoggard: The Mystery of Contemplative Prayer


Mike Hoggard is pastor of Bethel Church, Founder and Director of Prophetic Research Ministry, and host of The Watchman Video Broadcast. In this episode, Pastor Hoggard shares the mystery of contemplative prayer, an in depth study of Christian mysticism, altered states of consciousness and the root and goal of these practices.



Prayer Labyrinths


Researching the Prayer Labyrinth


The prayer labyrinth is being introduced as a tool for prayer, spirituality, and meditation. However, the labyrinth belongs to a foreign spiritual tradition. It is not a Christian practice.



Should Labyrinths & Yoga be Used by Christians?


What is the history of the labyrinth? Is it something Christians should use to enhance their prayers and spiritual experience?





Why Is Doing Yoga Wrong?


Caryl Matrisciana is a best selling author and filmmaker and is a recognized expert on Eastern religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult. She was raised in India and lived there for 20 years. In this video Caryl makes it clear that yoga is not just physical exercise but actually a means of spiritual exercise. Hinduism, uses yoga as a means to awaken kundalini (snake energy) from the spine and arouse it to open the third eye! Caryl makes it clear that there is no Hinduism without yoga and no yoga without Hinduism. Christians who get involved with yoga whether they are aware of yoga's true purpose or not will open a gateway for Satan to enter.



John MacArthur: Yoga


Dr. John MacArthur's responds to Doug Pagitt in this news interview and reminds Christians of the power of the Gospel, and the need to separate true Christianity from pagan practices.



Mark Driscoll: Yoga


Mark Driscollis and author and the founder and former pastor of Mars Hill Church. He is a controversial figure, and we certainly do not support or endorse all aspects of his ministry and teaching. Nevertheless, we at Inquisitive Christianity believe this video to be an outstanding response to the question, "Should Christians stay away from yoga because of its demonic roots?"



Yoga in Light of the Gospel


Caryl Matriscianais a best selling author and filmmaker and is a recognized expert on Eastern religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult. She was raised in India and lived there for 20 years. In this radio interview, she identifies the inherent differences within the worldviews behind yoga and the Christian Gospel. Caryl begins her interview 10 minutes into this recording, and the listener may wish to skip ahead to this point.



Dave Hunt: Yoga & the Body of Christ


Dave Hunt was the Founder and Director of The Berrean Call, a ministry of Biblical discernment. He also authored the book Yoga and the Body of Christ. In this radio interview with Southwest Radio Ministries, Dave Hunt addesses the subject of yoga and whether it should be practiced by Christians.



Sadhguru: The Dangers of Improper Yoga


Sadhguru is a strong proponent of yoga. In this video, he addresses the transformative power of yoga and the dangers of yoga performed improperly. Sadhguru's comments are in response to the question of a seeker who was quickly trained in a four week yoga-teachers course. She asked Sadhguru what she should do.



Yogo Uncoiled (Trailer)


Caryl Matrisciana is a best selling author and filmmaker and is a recognized expert on Eastern religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult. She was raised in India and lived there for 20 years. In this documentary Caryl looks into the practice of yoga in the Christian church. Many believe they can practice yoga postures, breathing, and focusing techniques devoid of yoga's spirituality, not realizing that yoga is an inherent part of Hindu philosophy which teaches man and nature are one with divinity. This is a link to a preview of this outstanding documentary.



Lectio Divina


The Danger of Lectio Divina



Lectio Divina may teach the practitioner to approach the text subjectively rather than objectively. In this way lectio divina leads to unstable, unsupportable conclusions, and we risk confusing "thus saith the Lord" with "thus saith me."



Wretched Radio: Lectio Divina at Passion 2012

Lectio Divina is a non-biblical practice from which Christians should flee.