We have adopted a somewhat unique approach to relaying information. Rather than expose people to only the teachings with which we agree, we have included some of our opponent’s strongest arguments. Links to contrary websites, articles, and media content can readily be found for each of the topics included on this website. This is because we value and believe in truth. It is our conviction that truth need never fear being challenged. Moreover, we understand that a person’s beliefs are only as strong as the degree to which they have been challenged. Additionally, our arguments are only effective if they are relevant to the concerns and arguments of our opponents, but these cannot be known if we insulate ourselves from their teachings and experiences.

By making our opponent’s content readily available, we are providing the serious truth-seeker with the ability to determine whether we are fairly representing the other side. Moreover, we are providing individuals with the opportunity to directly compare opposing arguments. We do not fear this because we trust that truth, when clearly presented, will always win in the mind of an honest truth-seeker. Having said this, we also realize that not everyone attempts to be objective when pursuing answers. This site is intended for those who are committed to the pursuit of truth. It is our prayer that users who use this site to expose themselves to contrary teachings will counterbalance this by also considering the arguments posted on this site which we believe to be the truth.