Hebrews 5:14 teaches that mature Christians should be capable of discerning between good and evil, between true doctrine and the
doctrine of devils. The teachings included below are intended to provide the diligent truth-seeker with a thorough understanding of this topic. We at Inquisitive Christianity do not agree with much of the content included in these teachings. Nevertheless, we believe that these teachings offer valuable information for those who seek the truth and are spiritually mature enough to exercise discernment. We also think it is important to understand what those who disagree with us believe in order to fairly represent their position and also to better defend our own.

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Media Content:  


James White: A Response to Danny Cortez



Dr. James White is a prolific author, the founder of Alpha and Omega Ministries , host of the webast, The Dividing Line , and a well acclaimed apologist who brings sound reason to the controversial and emotional subject of homosexuality and the rise of the gay Christian movement.  On this episode of The Dividing Line, Dr. White critiques Danny Cortez' February 9, 2014 sermon to New Heart Community Church .



Garrett Eckert: A Response to Danny Cortez


Garrett Eckert, founder of Simple Ministries, responds to Danny Cortez' February 9, 2014 sermon at New Hope Community Church .




Written Content:


Albert Mohler: There Is No "Third Way"


Dr. Albert Mohler is President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary , Chairman of the Southern Baptist Convention's Council of Seminary Presidents, a prolific author, and host of both Thinking In Public and The Briefing . On his blog , Dr. Mohler posted this article rejecting the notion that churches, such as New Hope Community Church , can assume a "third way" approach to handling the issue of homosexuality. Subsequent to the writing of this article, New Hope was removed from the Southern Baptist Convention.