Hebrews 5:14 teaches that mature Christians should be capable of discerning between good and evil, between true doctrine and the
doctrine of devils. The teachings included below are intended to provide the diligent truth-seeker with a thorough understanding of this topic. We at Inquisitive Christianity do not agree with much of the content included in these teachings. Nevertheless, we believe that these teachings offer valuable information for those who seek the truth and are spiritually mature enough to exercise discernment. We also think it is important to understand what those who disagree with us believe in order to fairly represent their position and also to better defend our own.

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Anti-Homosexuality Index:


Homosexuality: Compassion and Clarity


Sean McDowell is an author, a professor at Biola University , and is ranked among the top 100 apologists. This is an excellent and engaging presentation which examines homosexuality from a Biblical worldview. In this video, Dr. McDowell also answers questions from the audience.  



The Bible & Homosexual Practice



Dr. Robert Gagnon is a leading authority on the subject of homosexuality and the Bible whose main interests are Pauline theology and sexual issues. He holds degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary , Harvard Divinity School, and Dartmouth College and is author of the book The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics which is believed by many to be the foremost scholarly resource on the subject. In this seven-part series produced by 
Jim Garlow, 
Dr. Gagnon presents an outstanding overview of the homosexual issue in relationship to the Bible.  

Part 1: Genesis 1 - 2  (18:43)

Part 2: The Sodom Narrative   (39:54)

Part 3: The Levitical Prohibitions   (14:48)

Part 4: David and Jonathan   (7:06)

Part 5: The Witness of Jesus   (53:11)

Part 6: The Witness of Paul   (52:26)

Part 7: The Hermeneutical Relevance of the Bible   (46:04)



Bible Texts & Hermeneutics


Christopher Yuan is a professor at Moody Bible Institute and is a former homosexual who has devoted his life to speaking into this issue from a Christian perspective. In this presentation at Mount Zion Christian Church , he uses the proper rules of good Bible study and interpretation to illuminate several disputed Bible passages relating to homosexuality.



Homosexuality: Culture & Theology




Matt Chandler, is pastor of The Village Church . Here he brings a Biblical perspective to the subject of homosexuality and then answers
specific questions relating to the subject. Assisting him with the questions is a former homosexual,
Ricky Chelette, who serves as the Minister of Pastoral Ministries at First Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, and is the Executive Director of Living Hope Ministries . Since 1989, Living Hope Ministries has provided a safe place for individuals seeking sexual and relational restoration and healing through weekly support group meetings, moderated online support forums , in-depth discipleship programs, and active partnerships with churches around the world.

Part 1 - Homosexuality: Culture & Theology (49:41)

Part 2 - Homosexuality: Culture & Theology (38:38)

Part 3 - Questions & Answers   (37:14)



The Homosexual Question: Sin?

Dr. Bobby Conway is the founding pastor of Life Fellowship Church and founder of the YouTube ministry, One Minute Apologist which offers practical short videos addressing religious questions. In this presentation at Life Fellowship Church, Dr. Conway tackles the questions of whether homosexuality is truly a sin and whether it is appropriate for Christians to judge homosexuality.



A Discussion Between Pastor Steve Berger & David Kyle Foster

 This is a "must-see" video for people on all sides of the issue. Pastor of Grace Chapel ,

Steve Berger, and Director and founder of Mastering Life Ministries ,
Dr. David Kyle Foster, candidly speak into the issue of homosexuality. As a former homosexual and male prostitute, Dr. David Kyle Foster is intimately familiar with the subject and speaks into some of the deep-rooted influences which can lead to a homosexual orientation, and he also speaks into some of the ways that this orientation can be changed. Pastor Steve Berger is deeply moved by the struggle, and sometimes past abuse, of those battling homosexual temptations. He challenges Christians to re-orient their thinking and to open their hearts to homosexuals while also maintaining a strong Biblical view of the issue. In this conversation, the transforming and healing power of the gospel is highlighted, and truth is undiluted. However, this truth is continually undergirded with a deep and obvious compassion and love for the homosexual and his struggle, making this an ideal video to watch with loved ones who are battling this temptation.

Part 1   (1:16:04)

Part 2   (1:00:03)



Tim Keller: Sexuality


Tim Keller is pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church . In this sermon, he teaches why Christians have a "radical" view of sexuality and clarifies why sex outside the Biblical parameters of marriage between one man and one woman is wrong. In so doing, he establishes a Biblical foundation which answers not only the specific question of homosexuality, but also all other questions related to sexual immorality.



The Gay Christian Movement



Dr. James White is a prolific author, the founder of Alpha and Omega Ministries , host of the webcast The Dividing Line, and a well-acclaimed apologist who brings sound reason to the controversial and emotional subject of homosexuality and the rise of the gay Christian movement. Dr. White identifies the logical holes and inconsistencies within the popular gay Christian arguments and refocuses these arguments to the central question of the gospel and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  

Part 1 - The Gay Christian Movement   [audio begins at 1:26](1:30:49)

Part 2 - The Gay Christian Movement (1:20:50)




Response to the Popular Graphic 
"So You Still Think Homosexuality Is Sinful?"



Dr. James White uses his webcast, The Dividing Line , to respond to the popular graphic,
"So You Still Think Homosexuality Is Sinful?"  He applies logic and Scripture to each point on this chart.



Theology in Sneakers: Homosexuality


Sumair Mirzais the founder of Theology In Sneakers . Here he provides an overview of the homosexual issue: Its cultural prevelance, several of the key challenges, and the Biblical response.  



The Gospel & Homosexuality


Dr. David Platt is President of the International Mission Board , founder of Radical , an author, and the founder of Radical with David Platt on Moody Radio . In this powerful sermon which does address many popular
challenges by homosexuals, Dr. Platt pulls no punches. He speaks into all forms of sexual immorality, whether homosexual or heterosexual, and he challenges Christians to completely avoid selective moral outrage. In this sermon, Dr. Platt uses Romans 1 to teach that sin disorders our worship, our beliefs, and our desires. Moreover, when we see sexual indulgence, it is not merely reason for the judgment of God; it is evidence of the judgment of God. When we see sexual indulgence, it is a picture of God giving us over to ourselves, and this should cause every Christian to fall on his face and say, "God we want you to be restored to your rightful place in our lives, our culture, and our church!"



God's Standard for Sexuality


Dr. Robby Gallaty, who serves as pastor of Brainerd Baptist Church , preached a powerful message on homosexuality as part of his True North sermon series. He vocalizes what many are reluctant to say regarding the pederastic history of homosexual practice. He argues that God never minimizes sexual activity but rather magnifies sexuality activity in the right context. He links what is likely the first recorded homosexual act in Scripture with the lifestyle and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. He also argues that Romans 1 teaches that God's punishment for those involved in homosexuality is that God allows them to remain in their self-destructive lifestyle. Most importantly, he addresses how a Christian struggling with homosexual temptations ought to respond.