Hebrews 5:14 teaches that mature Christians should be capable of discerning between good and evil, between true doctrine and the
doctrine of devils. The teachings included below are intended to provide the diligent truth-seeker with a thorough understanding of this topic. We at Inquisitive Christianity do not agree with much of the content included in these teachings. Nevertheless, we believe that these teachings offer valuable information for those who seek the truth and are spiritually mature enough to exercise discernment. We also think it is important to understand what those who disagree with us believe in order to fairly represent their position and also to better defend our own.

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Pro-Homosexuality Index:


What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?


Dr. John Corvino is Chair of the Philosophy Department at Wayne State University  and a prominent homosexual activist. In his presentation "What's Morally Wrong With Homosexuality," Dr. Corvino argues that the key question should not be whom someone loves, but whether someone loves. Dr. Corvino has also produced a series of videos designed to educate about homosexuality and to respond to common challenges offered against homosexuality.

What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?   (57:59)


Homosexuality & the Bible: God Said It; I Believe It; That Settles It   (6:02)

Homosexuality & the Bible: Sodom and Gomorrah   (6:21)

Where Does Morality Come From?   (4:30)



The Gay Debate: The Bible & Homosexuality


Matthew Vines became a prominent voice of the LGBT community as a result of this speech on the Bible and homosexuality. After the success of this speech, he wrote the first pro-gay book published by an Evangelical Christian publishing house and founded The Reformation Project which exists to train Christians in how to support LGBT people.

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Why I Changed My Mind on Homosexuality


Danny Cortez is pastor of New Heart Community Church . This video is Pastor Cortez' explanation of how he changed his views on homosexuality and the announcement that his son is gay. Despite his matter-of-fact presentation, much of the data that he presents in this message is highly debated. Nevertheless, this video is an excellent example of the struggle of so many people  to balance love and compassion with the teaching of the Bible. It is also an example of how subtlely and yet how far one can stray from his personal convictions when immersing himself into such an emotionally-charged study as that of homosexuality on his own, apart from accountability.

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What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?


Matt Miofsky is the founding pastor of The Gathering United Methodist Church. In this sermon, Pastor Miofsky discusses the sets of choices that he has made in his interpretation of Scripture regarding the issue of homosexuality, and why he has made these choices.



The Gay Christian: Homosexuality



These are videos from The Gay Christian's YouTube channel which address the subject of homosexuality.

The Truth About Homosexuality   (8:28)

Leviticus & Homosexuality   (8:28)

Romans & Homosexuality   (11:49)

Sodom & Gomorrah   (10:50)

1 Corinthians & Homosexuality   (9:20)



For the Bible Tells Me So



This is a valuable documentary for understanding the homosexual position. It reviews the struggle of five Christian families whose children admitted to being gay and their efforts to reconcile their faith with their emotional reality.



James Brownson: Homosexuality



Dr. James Brownson is the James and Jean Cook Professor of New Testament at Western Theological Seminary and the author of several books, including Bible, Gender, Sexuality: Reframing the Church's Debate on Same-Sex Relationships . He presented a series of lectures at Matthew Vines' Reformation Project . His lectures are included here because he has become a popular scholar among those who favor homosexuality. Nevertheless, the integrity and motivation of his scholarly conclusions regarding homosexuality in the Bible have been called into question by some because he changed his original conclusions after his son admitted to being homosexual. Originally, after studying the subject, he had concluded that same-sex unions could not fit into the Biblical model for marriage. The degree to which personal circumstances influenced his change in conviction is unknown.

Romans 1:24-27 - Part 1   (33:52)

Romans 1:24-27 - Part 2   (34:50)

Gender Complementarity   (36:21)

Marriage & Celibacy   (39:53)

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Call Me Troy


Troy Perry. is a pioneer homosexual activist and the founder of Metropolitan Community Church  which spawned the gay Christian movement. This documentary reviews these elements of his life.



Fish Out of Water

This link is to a trailer for an outstanding documentary for understanding this issue from a homosexual perspective.

Trailer   (2:24)