Hebrews 5:14
 teaches that mature Christians should be capable of discerning between good and evil, between true doctrine and the
doctrine of devils.
 The websites included below are intended to provide the diligent truth-seeker with a thorough understanding of this topic. We at Inquisitive Christianity do not endorse all of the content included in these websites. After all, it is a rare gift to discover a website with which one has no disagreement. Nevertheless, we believe that these websites offer valuable information for those who seek the truth and are spiritually mature enough to exercise discernment.


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Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence

Kurzweil AI explores the forecasts and insights on the accelerating change articulated in

Dr. Ray Kurzweil's, landmark books—notably The Singularity Is Near and How to Create a Mind—and updates these books daily with key breakthroughs in science and technology. The accelerating intelligences which are addressed include biotechnology, nanotechnology and materials science, molecular electronics, computation, artificial intelligence, robotics, neuroscience, physics, Internet, energy, electronics, pattern recognition, virtual reality, human brain reverse engineering, and brain and body augmentation.



Nick Bostrom


A transhumanist philosopher, Nick Bostrom is Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University.  He is the founding Director of the Future of Humanity Institute, a multidisciplinary research center which enables a few exceptional mathematicians, philosophers, and scientists to think carefully about global priorities and big questions for humanity.  Bostrom has a background in physics, computational neuroscience, and mathematical logic as well as philosophy and is the author of some 200 publications.  



Max More


Transhumanist philosopher and co-founder of the Extropy Institute, Dr. Max More is an internationally acclaimed strategic futurist who writes, speaks, and organizes events about the fundamental challenges of emerging technologies. Dr. More is concerned that our rapidly developing technological capabilities are racing far ahead of our standard ways of thinking about future possibilities, and his work aims to improve our ability to anticipate, adapt to, and shape the future for the better.  Dr. Ray Kurweil said of Dr. More, "Max More's ideas are very influential among other 'big thinkers,' who in turn are influence leaders themselves.  Max's writings represent well-grounded science futurism, and reflect a sophisticated understanding of technology trends."



Singularity Weblog

The Singularity Weblog aims to spark a conversation about the impact of technology, exponential growth and artificial intelligence where everyone’s opinions and participation are greatly encouraged.  In addition, Singularity Weblog also: publishes relevant articles by Socrates and his friends; posts interviews with the best scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, film-makers, journalists, philosophers, and artists; brings attention to relevant news stories, films, media and scientific developments; provides an online discussion forum where people can start conversations on issues important to them.



Singularity Hub

Singularity Hub is a blog and news network covering the latest in robots, genetics, longevity, artificial intelligence, aging, stem cells, and more.  The impossible is quickly becoming possible, and Singularity Hub is wants to talk about it.



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