Hebrews 5:14 teaches that mature Christians should be capable of discerning between good and evil, between true doctrine and the
doctrine of devils. The websites included below are intended to provide the diligent truth-seeker with a thorough understanding of this topic. We at Inquisitive Christianity do not endorse all of the content included in these websites. After all, it is a rare gift to discover a website with which one has no disagreement. Nevertheless, we believe that these websites offer valuable information for those who seek the truth and are spiritually mature enough to exercise discernment.


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Capitol Hill Baptist Church


Capitol Hill Baptist Church makes its adult education hour freely available. These are called Core Seminars and are teaching resources designed to train Christians in their discipleship of Jesus Christ. The Core Seminars are categorized into seven separate tracks:

1) Membership Matters - The Membership Matters track consists of six required classes for membership at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.

2) The Basics - The Basics track grounds us in the basic disciplines of the Christian life.

3) Bible Overview - The Bible Overview track seeks to improve the Christian's understanding of Scripture.

4) History & Theology - The History & Theology track exposes Christians to the history and doctrine of the church.

5) Christian Roles - The Christian Roles track applies God’s wisdom to various personal relationships.

6) Christian Discipleship - The Christian Discipleship track lays out insight for how Christians can grow spiritually.

7) Engaging the World - The Engaging the World track trains Christians in how to engage the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.



Membership Matters


Membership Matters





The Basics


Two Ways to Live





Explaining Christianity





Meeting with God





Jump Start





Fear of Man










How to Study the Bible





Bible Overview


Old Testament Overview





New Testament Overview





History & Theology


Church History 





Biblical Theology





Systematic Theology





Living As a Church





Christian Roles


Biblical Manhood & Womanhood










Singleness & Courtship










Christian Discipleship












Engaging the World

















Christians in the Workplace