Index of FAQ about Homosexuality

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What If a Person Never Finds Members of the Opposite Sex Attractive?


Sex has a context. It cannot be separated from that context, which is marriage between a man and a woman. What about the man who can’t have sex because his wife won’t have sex with him? Is he then free to have sex with other women? Of course not, and yet this is essentially the same argument. This argument maintains that if a person cannot experience sex within the acceptable parameters of God, then he must be free to seek sex outside of those parameters.

Sometimes we mistakenly assume that sexual relations is a right to which everyone is entitled. However, as Jesus noted in Matthew 19:12, some people are born eunuchs, and some are made so by other men. Is it fair that the man who was born a eunuch or made so by other men does not get to experience sex? No. But life is not entirely fair because of the curse of sin.

God is fully capable of granting a person a new sexual orientation. Certainly there are many testimonies to this effect. However, it is possible that some may never experience this. Instead, God may be calling them to demonstrate God’s grace and provision through life-long celibacy. After all, Jesus also noted in Matthew 19:12 that some have made themselves eunuchs—some have chosen celibacy—for the sake of the kingdom of heaven.


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Author: Timothy Zebell, 2015